Friday, August 15, 2003

But before I go 

Saskatchewan is funny.

Outta Here 

I'm going to Mount Washington with family. Will not be back till Monday. There will be no internet there, which will probably be good for me.

My Petty Vendetta 

Against Vancouver Sun Editor-In-Chief Dennis Skulsky has finally paid off. All those diatribes-about the paper's conservative bias, its inability to criticze the right-wing party in power, its physically unattractive female columnists- have struck a chord. Skulk away, Skulsky. Dennis will no longer menace the newspaper readers of this fair city. With the lovely and talented Patricia Graham in charge, a new sheriff is in town. One that brings love, and hope, and objective reporting of local issues. One that presents two sides to a given story, rather than only praising the Provincial Goverment and bashing the Federal and Municipal Goverments. But remember who got you this sweet job, Patricia. Remeber that this blog can topple you, too. Fear me, Big Media. Please fear me.

Dear Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay 

If you do not begin making sweet sweet love right now, the terrorists have won.

Sincerely, Barbara Yaffe

Format stolen from TMFTML. Unapologetically.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Oh, Canada 

Canada is so cute. What country am I? I did the quiz once and said I liked a tropical climate. So I was Israel. I did it again and picked a cool climate, and I was Canada. And I grew up in Israel and now live in Canada. That is one smart quiz. The weird thing is that you would think the two countries are about as different as two countries can be. Check out this description of Israel, though:
You're Israel!
Though a victim in the past, you've learned very little from this and have encouraged a cycle of violence in your life and the life of many you know. You're a little paranoid and somewhat schizophrenic, causing you to promote both hatred and hope in cycling intervals. Some of the paranoia is justified, as a lot of people don't like you, but more people are helping you than you'd ever really admit to. At this point, you live on some valuable property and would benefit greatly from just giving peace a chance
Biased much? Though it is a good suggestion. It's definitely nothing like me, though.

Why is there so much pink? 

On the cover of De La's debut? Because they are a bunch of pinkos. My personal favorite De La song, I am I be contains these Marxist lyrics:
I am Posdnous
I be the new generation of slaves
here to make papes to buy a record exec rakes
the pile of revenue I create
But I guess I don't get a cut cuz my rent's a month late

If I was Posdunos, I'd take control of the means of production. (And I read somewhere they are switching to an indie, so maybe they'll do just that.) Can they be commies and Randians? Probably not. Maybe fitting musicians into political ideologies is misguided. But it is far easier with rappers than say, the Beatles, which is one of the many things that make rap great.

The daisy age is here 

And it's being run by libertarians. Cal Ulman responds to my post. He is upset at being associated with conservatism, as he is a libertarian. Fair enough; I shouldn't attribute political views to people based on their blogrolls. But I was discussing the affinities between gangsta rap in general and conservatism in general, of which I think there are a few. He dislikes gangsta rap because of its violence, which is totally fair. For me, it was definitely an acquired taste, and there are songs (say, the hidden track on The Chronic) which I still prefer not to listen to. Good find on Delacratic (I can do anything) (though I can't listen to it...my copy of 3 feet high is scratched to hell...grrr) as a libertarian rap song. And it contains the immortal line: I could hold two pieces of doo-doo in my hand. Yes you can, Trugoy.
Rap in general has a libertarian streak a mile wide, and conscious rap speaks out for such libertarian positions as first amendment rights and legalizing the demon weed (but gangstas speak out for the second amendment; are you aware that Jigga packs heat like he's the oven door?).

Someone hates George Puil 

Even more than I do. Chill, Will.

Jews for Mazen 

There's some good discussion of the evil new Israeli marriage laws here. It's nice to see Jews who share my feelings about Israel- that because you are close to it it's more important to criticize it.

More marginalized than libertarians? 

There are more publicly Republican rappers than publicly gay rappers, though. But that doesn't stop this (incredibly interesting) website, gayhiphop.com from existing. It includes an interview with Princess Superstar (Best. White. Half-Jewish. Female. Rapper. Ever.), a smart, non-sensationalistic article about Eminem's homophobia, and a link to Da Dis List, a hall of shame of rap songs containing hompohobic remarks (say it ain't so, Black Star! Holy shit, Goodie Mob!). Their list should be much longer, unfortunately. An odd thing about the site is that they review Common's latest album, and don't note that the most pro-gay rap song ever is on it (Between Me, You, and Liberation-check it out). But it does mention his (once deserved) reputation as a homophobe. There's also typos. Common should sue.

Right-Wing Rap Fans 

They do exist. Here's a good blog by Cal Ulman titled 'where hip-hop and libertarianism meet'. What's ironic about his rap fanhood is that he likes conscious rap and attacks gangsta rap. Conscious rap is invariably liberal, and constantly disses big corporations. Gangsta rap is a long tribute to the glories of capitalism, as I will prove in an upcoming post about the conservatism of Jay-Z (upcoming...always upcoming). And gangsta rap's view of selling crack is very similar to the average libertarian's (if they are being consistent, it should be that enterprise is enterprise. Dollar dollar bills y'all). As far as political affiliation, rest assures that all conscious rappers hate George Bush (but not as much as Paris [the rapper] hates Bush sr. [also upcoming]). Gangstas tend not to comment on the political scene. While Jay is against the war on Iraq, LL is actually a Republican (must be all those tax cuts for the rich) (is LL a gangsta?- ed. shut up! you're ruining my thesis). And Nas is out for dead presidents to represent him, whatever that means. So conscious rappers vote Democrat (unless they are The Coup, god bless their Marxist hearts), while gangstas don't vote. So in my opinion, Cal is rooting for the wrong side.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

The Wisdom of the Globe and Mail editorial page 

Even those who think Montreal's Grand Prix race is an orgy of fumes, noise and burning rubber should recognize it's an orgy with many benefits.
No comment.

My Brother's Keeper 

The world is not only making fun of my name. This bastard has made fun of my brother's name in a pretty funny post mocking Amitai Etzioni's stance on masturbation. He says Amitai Etzioni has "a name which looks like the Scrabble hand from hell". Well, Daniel Davies is a fairly mediocre Scrabble hand. So there.
(And yes, the title of this post is the title of Etzioni's memoir, and is also quite pertinent to the subject matter of the post itself. I am a very erudite and intelligent man.)

Hot lesbian porn 

That title should get my traffic going. Salon has an article about the greatest study ever performed by man: the one that discovered that all women are bi, while all men are either firmly straight or firmly gay. This was proven by showing porn to subjects while probes were attached to their genitals. They were then forced to watch brutal rape scenes with pried open eyes, while the stirring music of Beethoven...sorry, must be thinking of a different study. Anyways, men were only aroused by scenes showing the gender of their affection, while women were aroused by, well, everything. Have they no decency? The study is summarized by the very weird J. Michael "Dr. Sex" Bailey: Men are sexually simple, and women are not. Good to know. (And yes, Bailey happens to have the best nickname ever. No, you can't have it. Life is unfair like that.)
(UPDATE: I should note Canadian anthropolgist Bernard Arcand's line, from his brilliant book about pornography , The Jaguar and the Anteater, about reading studies that measure porn's physiological effects: the reader becomes convinced of nothing so much as that a disturbing number of psycholgy students at certain American universities must spend a great deal of time with wires attached to their sex organs. In the course of writing an essay about the feminist critique of porn [short version: porn rules, Dworkin drools], I had the opportunity to read many of these studies, and the man knows of what he speaks.)
Doctor Sex comes up with some cute evolutionary theories about why women are so bi, but Wendy "sex therapist" Maltz disagrees: But as some skeptics of the study suggest, women may not be guided by their biology at all, but only by the sexual images and stereotypes around them. American culture, for what it's worth, is a drooling teenage boy. It is obsessed with the female body, sprinkling a busty silhouette or a seductive midriff on any object that needs extra pizzazz. The country will tolerate a male sexual figure every so often, with his remarkably hairless torso and abs like a plate of chicken nuggets, but the penis is categorically off-limits. Where Americans see sex, they see only breasts -- at the movies, in magazine ads, through the perky shreds of fabric that pass as bikinis. And therefore, both American men and women have come to associate the very essence of sex with the female form, according to sex therapist Wendy Maltz, coauthor of "Private Thoughts: Exploring the Power of Women's Sexual Fantasies." So, she says, when the straight women in the study were becoming aroused by watching lesbian porn, they were only responding to a culturally programmed symbol of sex. "Let's take both men and women who had never been exposed to any visual imagery of sex, and then let's hook them up and see what goes on, and I think you'd find different reactions."
Yeah, those men and women would be easy to find. And I'm sure their physiological reactions would be valid for the population at large. Not. The thing I like about her theory is that I was making it a few months ago, in an attempt to explain why my female friends were disproprtionately bisexual (and no, I won't introduce you. I don't even know you). I made the same case; that a culture in which both Cosmo and Maxim objectified women, it would make anyone sexually attracted to women, regardless of their 'original' orientation. People thought I was bullshtting them (which, to be perfectly honest, I suppose I was). But now, a certified sex therapist agrees with me. Validation, thy name is sex therapy.
Australia, as always, is way ahead of us.

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