Friday, August 22, 2003

Rough and Tumble Child 

So the dastardly UBC bookstore would not buy back my stupid sociology textbook. I really wanted to get rid of the book. I have much animus towrds the entire dicipline of sociology, but specificall my textbook. It just seemed to spend pages and pages arguing that bachelors are really unmarried. It told you things like 'poor people tend to be less educated than rich people' and 'women were once oppressed, but now not so much.' It also includes the dumbest guide to non-sexist language ever. It's in the 'cleaning lady' is biased, but 'cleaner' is bias-free genre. So instead of alumni, say graduates. Instead of corporate wife, say corporate spouse. Instead of kingmaker, say power behind the throne. Instead of manhandle, say abuse or mistreat. Instead of lady luck, say luck. Instead of 'All men are created equal', say we are all created equal. Instead of tomboy, say rough-and-tumble child.
Rough and tumble child does not specify the gender of the child, while a tomboy is a girl. Using this bias-free language does not communicate what the original language is trying to. It's this allergy to specificity that I hated about sociology.

That was a fun hudna 

Let's have another one someday.

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