Saturday, November 01, 2003

And Another Thing 

Why is it that all those writers that believe criticism of Sharon policies covers up anti-semitism would be appalled by the idea that their own criticism of Arab governments is anti-Arab?
Why can they understand the distinction between criticism of the government and racist feelings towards the people ruled by that government in one instance, but not the other?

Holocaust Now 

George Jonas writes one of the most offensive things I've read lately. It's a standard National Post rant about how racist those damn Arabs are. He does make some points I agree with, though:
Another kind of problem is that Canada's Prime Minister -- in whose country people have been prosecuted for expressing similar sentiments -- shook Dr. Mahathir's hand after his speech without a hint of censure. At first blush this seems puzzling. Mr. Chretien no doubt supports legislation in Canada that prosecutes people who make remarks like Dr. Mahathir's. In this he's different from me, for I don't think that people like the schoolteacher James Keegstra, the Holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel or the late journalist Doug Collins should be hauled before courts or human rights tribunals for their vapid and venomous sentiments. I'd just draw the line at shaking hands with them. Mr. Chretien's ethics seem to be more situational. Lock up one, shake hands with the other.

Sure. Hate speech laws bad. Shaking hands with idiots also bad. Though Jonas' favorite world leader did just say that China "works to secure the freedom of its own people." But then there's this:
Terrorists aren't the big problem. The big problem is that leading news organizations, from Reuters to the BBC, refuse to call them terrorists.
I think I know a few thousand dead people in New York that would disagree with him. Terrorism is actually the big problem here. Editorial policies that one dislikes are, in comparison, a minor annoyance. And then there's this:
The need to build a security fence between Israel and the West Bank isn't the big problem. The big problem is that Israel is condemned for it in the United Nations. An even bigger problem is Canada joining in the condemnation.
UN resolutions are not a big problem. Israel has cheerfully ignored more UN resolutions than Saddam ever had to (this reflects badly on the UN, not Israel, I should quickly note). The suicide bombing that creates the need for a fence is, in fact, a big problem. Another big problem is that the fence annexes Palestinian land, and separates Palestinian farmers from their crops. Fence built on the green line= No resolution. All this evidence is brought up to prove that Chretien and company suffer from pragmatic anti-semitism:
Pragmatic anti-Semitism can also be described as demographic realism. Muslim voters outnumber Jewish voters in Canada. Ditto for the world. As Dr. Mahathir helpfully pointed out, there are more than a billion Muslims and only a few million Jews.
So Canada isn't governed by a bunch of anti-Semites, only by a bunch of demographic realists. This isn't the big problem. The big problem is that demographic realism holds sway in most other countries as well. Only the English-speaking civilizations of the United States, Britain and Australia resist it -- or, to be precise, only George W. Bush's, Tony Blair's and John Howard's administrations do. Talk about a thin red line. Three men aren't much to stand between a death cult and the next holocaust. That, in the end, is the biggest problem.

Wow. Jonas is saying that if a Democrat is elected president (or a British Tory is elected PM), six million Jews will die.
He's also saying that in any country where there are more Muslims than Jews, millions of Jews will die. He acuses others of racism, but he has an utterly insane view of Canadian Arab goals. Besides how does he account for the fact that in all those countries where the leaders are 'soft on islamofascism' (Canada, France, etc.), there is actually no holcaust taking place? Is Chirac waiting for Howard Dean to get elected before he feels safe opening the gas chambers up for business?
Saying that if your ideological enemies are elected, millions of Jews will die, is about as nasty as political columns get. It's not quite as mean as what LBJ said about Goldwater, but it's close. And that, my friends, is the biggest problem with this article.

Weekend Update 

My reliance on the demon rum has (yet again) atrophied my blogging skills to the point of incompetence. I apologize to some major world figures (they know who they are), who would have undoubtedly chosen wiser courses if they had received my advice during the last two weeks. It's amazing that the world can run without my blog, when you think about it.
Confidential to YA and AS: Your "I hate you" act is so transparent. Just fuck already.

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