Thursday, November 27, 2003

Always look on the bright side of post-war Iraq. 

SOME DAYS, when the after party in Iraq isn't going so well--which is to say, most days--I'm put in mind of the Bush administration's admonition to be sunny-side-up journalists, to eliminate the negative, to accentuate the positive. God knows I try.

I take stock in small victories, often overlooked. Like there was the time military engineers in Fallujah cleared a field of garbage, covered it with fresh soil, then erected goal posts to make a soccer field. Sure, the next day the goal posts had been stolen, and the dirt scraped from the field. "What kind of people loot dirt?" one frustrated Army captain asked the Washington Post. But you've got to crawl before you walk.

Best. Article. Ever. In The Weekly Standard, for some reason. Read it.


Shorter Pete McMartin: Most of my readers endorse police brutality.
On the other hand, this Sun column is pretty good.

Well, that's the end of that party 

The Canadian Alliance has reached a new level of dumbness. Dumber than the time they said Nelson Mandela was a terrorist? Dumber than Stockwell claiming dinosaurs and humans lived together? Dumber than complaints about the Asian Invasion and an "Asiatic" Immigration Minister? Why, yes.

Larry Spencer says homosexuality should never have been legalized, that its acceptance was caused by a gay conspiracy, and that homosexuality is a choice. If he isn't kicked out of the Conservative Party, Paul Martin will win the next election by running against him.

Excerpt: So, could Svend Robinson make himself straight?

"I believe he could. I believe he would struggle with it. You know, the human body is a magnificent creature, it's a magnificent machine. Our human bodies can be trained to appreciate . . . and really enjoy something that would be just miserable to me, i.e. long distance runners. Our bodies can be trained to, as I say, enjoy certain sensations."

A magnificent machine, eh? He sounds like Robert Mapplethorpe. He's been temporarily suspended from Alliance caucus. Still, this has caused serious damage to the united right. Good work.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Undead NDP Cannibalize Rotting Corpses 

So the NDP has a new leader. The Province, in its infinite wisdom, is saying that it's now time for the NDP to restore, revive, and revamp, whatever the fuck that means. Here: That is, restore the fallen party's credibility, revive the allegiance of fallen-away members as well as court new ones and revamp the party's obsolete policies of yesteryear.
Actually, if you look at the numbers, the only thing they need to do is destroy the Green Party. They have 30% support, and the Greens have 15%. If they could cannibalize all those votes, they would have a not-so-bad chance of beating Gordo. If someone still supports the NDP after Clark and Harcourt, they're not going to be alienated by any amount of wacky leftiness. Carole James could start chanting "Vive Castro!" at the end of every speech and it would only alienate those who already vote for the Liberals. The obsolete policies of yesteryear (is this word only used by editorials?) are just as good as any other. It might be good for BC to have a nice cenrist party to run things. It might heal the wounds of Campbell and Clark hatred. But it does not make electoral sense for the NDP to move right and become that party.
They are still probably screwed for this election. But all the laws will be different next election. Proportional representation will probably be in place, and a Red-Green coalition will win. Just 6 more long years till 2009...

Monday, November 24, 2003

Great Moments in hip-hop journalism 

Though the two grew up in southeast Queens and idolized the same hustlers from the neighborhood, Ja Rule and 50 Cent’s beef—whose origin is nearly as complex as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—didn’t begin until the the late nineties.

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