Saturday, December 06, 2003

Spencer me, baby 

So Dan Savage wants to confer immortality on a Canadian homophobe, just as he did on Rick "more of a dogperson" Santorum. But the suggestions that his readers sent in for the title of Great Canadian Homophobe aren't too exciting. Ralph Klein? Harper? Conrad Black? Black's wife supports gay marraige, for Christ's sake. The sad thing is, his column must have gone to print right before the great Canadian bigot eruption of 2003, the infamous Larry Spencer interview. Spencer believes that a gay conspiracy has taken over our churches, playgrounds, and entertainment industry. I know I find the thought of gay bishops and actors powerfully shocking. Spencer's idiocy makes Harper and the rest of the nominees look like Svend Robinson. So please write canadiansantorum@savagelove.net and campaign to make Spencer the one and only Canadian Santorum. We need to suggest a sex act he can be associated with, of course. I was thinking that in honor of his paranoid conversion theories, 'Spencering' could be when a gay guy has sex with a formerly straight guy. It could be something as gross as santorum itself, of course. If you have any better ideas, send them in, to me or to Savage. But we can't let some old hag like Elsie Wayne walk away with the title. Vote early and vote often.

And now let's gloat about Spencer being the Canadian Santorum for a second. For suggesting that homosexuality should be criminalized, Spencer was kicked out of his extremely right-wing party within hours (by Steven Harper, natch), since such a homophobic view is such a big political liability. The real Santorum suggested homosexuality should not be legalized in Texas, and he got to keep his leadership job in the Senate. He's probably one of the most 20 powerful politicians in America. What I'm trying to say is, Canada rocks hard. America, not so much.

Do the readers of this site know everything? 

Um, no. Far from it.
His readers' taste in music is as bad as their taste in politics...
(Referring to the Buckethead post, of course).

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Amish paradise 

Keeping with the old echoland tradition of posting about holidays way after they happened, here's Jay Smooth's thoughts on Buy Nothing Day, Kalle Lasn, and Adbusters:
It is based entirely on reacting to the mainstream, and that means you'll never be able to destroy or replace the mainstream, because you have made yourself a slave to it. The most you'll ever be is an activist version of Weird Al Yankovic, a moon that reflects the pop-culture sun but produces no light of its own.
Heh. Indeed. The wheatqueen likes the Buy Nothing Day though, and is somewhat offended by Steal Something Day, an attempt to parody the parodists. Someone needs to make a magazin-long parody of Adbusters.

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