Tuesday, December 09, 2003

The Sultan of Swingers 

Vancouver has appointed a "Sultan of Fun," in charge of turning 'No Fun City' into 'Funcouver'. Or something like that. Sultans know how to have fun, because they're always off cavorting with their harems. That's what I read, anyways. My actual purpose in linking to this story is to mock the physical appearance of Duncan Low, our new Sultan. Anyone who can tell me which Simpsons character he most resembles (hint: 'yes?') wins a big fat echoland prize.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

With friends like these 

Julie Burchill sings a paean to the wonderfulness of Jews in The Guardian, while denouncing the Guardian, people who disagree with Israel, and Islamists. But she does it with style:
I can't help noticing that, over the years, a disproportionate number of attractive, kind, clever people are drawn to Jews; those who express hostility to them, however, from Hitler to Hamza, are often as not repulsive freaks.
Think of famous anti-Zionist windbags - Redgrave, Highsmith, Galloway - and what dreary, dysfunctional, po-faced vanity confronts us. When we consider famous Jew-lovers, on the other hand - Marilyn, Ava, Liz, Felicity Kendal, me - what a sumptuous banquet of radiant humanity we look upon!

To return the favor, I have a lot of love in my heart for Julie Burchill, since she wrote The Boy Looked At Johnny. It may not be the best book about punk rock ever written, but it's definitely the most punk rock book about punk rock ever. It also taught me how to write prose (notice all my ad hominem personal attacks? Those didn't come out of nowhere). I may one day blog about books that affected my worldview and prose, and Burchill's book would be included.
She may indeed have a point about the world's rising anti-Semitism. The UN recently rejected a resolution calling for the protection of Israeli kids from terrorism. This resolution has some personal significance for me, since I used to be an Israeli child. It's good to know that the UN believes that I had no right to live because I was born in a certain country. I'll remeber that.
And yet...(more to come on this, really. But I'm so busy with exams. Not to give away the ending, but the update just might completely contradict the post so far. Tricky, eh?)
Update: Fuck it. No updates. Jews are no longer cool. I no longer have any interest in the topic.

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