Saturday, December 27, 2003

Public Enemy No. 2 

Sure, Libya's dictator Moammar "spelling variations" Khadafi may have been convinced by Saddam's capture to give up his country's WMDs. Queensbridge's Tragedy "Arrest the President" Khadafi still has some important questions about Saddam's capture. And who's to say his feelings aren't just as important as the Colonel's?

The Homecoming 

Someone in my referral logs has certainly come to the right place. If I could name two women in the movie, I'd start writing fan fiction. Just for him.

It's a Scrooged Life 

Back from Jesus' birthday party and I've never felt better. During the festivities, I had a thought about the two arguably most popular Christmas narratives, It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol. Isn't one just the mirror image of the other? Both movies are about men undergoing a crisis during Christmas, then being shown by supernatural beings the net effects of a lifetime of moral decisions. The alternate reality without George Bailey demonstrates the effect his goodness had, while seeing the possible future if Scrooge continues in his selfish ways shows the effect of Scrooge's selfishness. These stories show a side of Christmas that is all about moral reckoning, not just presents. Of course, both protagonists are fairly two-dimensional; one is always altruistic, the other one always selfish. Interestingly, both stories have a character that's just like the protagonist of the other one. Tiny Tim's dad is a hardworking everyman, while Mr. Potter is almost exactly like Scrooge. Lionel Barrymore, the actor that played Mr. Potter, also played Scrooge on annual Christmas broadcasts of Christmas Carol.

Another random thought about It's a Wonderful Life: It features someone trying to kill himself on Christmas, long before the popualr factoid that the suicide rate is highest during Christmas. (According to Snopes, this factoid is untrue. Don't kill yourself, kids.) Maybe the film is the reason that people believe in Christmas suicides?

Incidentally, I am aware my Christmas post came after Christmas. Echoland has its traditions too.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

A Jew on Christmas 

Despit the promises below, I will now take an official hiatus (as opposed to the usual unofficial hiatuses) so I can journey to Vancouver's suburbs and Christmas it up with my girl's family. In the meantime, read Kevin Drum's thoughts on the Ghosts of Neocons Past. Back soon.

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