Friday, February 06, 2004

The Syphilis Wall 

I came out of my hiatus to note a great Tom Maguire post and New York article about Dan Shufetan's rational case from the Israeli POV for fucking over the settlers. Because the settlements are impossible to defend, and because Israel is losing the demographic race, giving the West Bank back makes a lot of sense for Israeli security. Just because Yasser Arafat wants Israel to do something doesn't necessarily mean it's not in Israel's best interests to do it. I've made the disengagement argument to Israeli partisans, with a surprising amount of success. Assuming the PA won't negotiate, putting up a wall, giving the Palestinians a state, and letting the settlers live under PA rule if they insist on staying is really the only sane solution. I should note that Schufetan makes some moronic statements in the "Arabs/Palestinians all want X" format, which I don't condone. Even so, his ideas are a breath of rationality and common sense in an area where far too many on both sides talk absolute bullshit. And since this is Echoland, I should quote Shufetan's vaguely offensive joke/analogy about the argument:
“Someone asked me how it will be possible to remove the settlements,” he says. “So I told him the story of a man who went to the doctor with a very serious venereal disease. And the doctor told him the whole instrument would have to be removed.”
Unwilling to accept this fate, Schueftan says, the man was determined to look in every corner of the world until he found a doctor who would give him a different opinion. Finally, he found a doctor in Asia who told him he didn’t need to cut off his penis. “Just leave it alone,” the doctor said. “It will fall off by itself.”
“This is what will happen to the settlements,” says Schueftan. “They will fall off by themselves. Once the fence is built, everything on the other side is doomed.”

The settlers are the syphilis-ridden penis of Israel. I love it!

My Prediction: Starland Vocal Band 

Seattle Weekly music section gets drunk and discusses the Grammies:
Bonazelli: R. Kelly has to win something, right?
Cassidy: Why does he have to?
Matos: He pretty much owned radio this year. If it wasn’t 50 Cent or Jay-Z, it was R. Kelly. And the thing is, it’s a great record. It’s easily the best album of that list. But he isn’t gonna win. He’s an accused child molester.
Bonazelli: Did you hear about Mystikal getting arrested?
Cassidy: For child molestation?
Matos: No, he didn’t molest children, he just sexually assaulted his hairdresser and videotaped it, because he’s really smart, and a really smart person does things like that.

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