Tuesday, March 09, 2004

The Last Rapbashing Article you will ever need 

Ever feel like having every singlecliched criticism of current rap in one long, long article? I got a link for you. This article's got more dull conventional wisdom than Time magazine. There's a great punchline at the end, too.

What's old is not new again 

In a review of a book about 1968, the reviewer argues that 1968 has made a comeback:
It's hard to open a newspaper without seeing a photo of John Kerry in Vietnam (he arrived there Nov. 17, 1968). The recent release of George W. Bush's medical records revealed that the future president had a hemorrhoid in 1968 (no wonder he hated the '60s). Even the Beatles are back: The 1968 White Album has been mixed with Jay-Z's Black Album (2003) to produce Danger Mouse's completely illegal Grey Album, and on Feb. 24, "Grey Tuesday," there was a remarkable Internet protest against attempts to suppress it. There's something happening here (what it is ain't exactly clear).
Because nothing defines the current zeitgeist like Dubya's hemorrhoids. I think you could use this standard to argue that every year in history is currently making a comeback.

Monday, March 08, 2004

So gay, gay constitutional amendments wanna fuck with me 

Also in the blog VaYikrah, Evan criticized my post about the anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment (though he liked my slogan!). He argues:
The problem is that courts in the US do not decide the definition of marriage on judgements (or scientific fact) of behaviour v. biology. The much more likely criteria are freedom of expression, privacy concerning personal family relationships and, in the case of polygamy, freedom of religion. I wholeheartedly support gay marriage. However it is foolhardy to argue that there is no link between the issue of gay marriage and polygamist marriage.
Fair enough; my post was meant as a common sense talking point against the slippery slope argument, rather than as a legal case. However, I would like to make a quick point about US constitutional law, though it is a subject I know nothing about (and this differs from the rest of your posts, how exactly? ed. Shut up!). I would think that if the court can prove that gays is blacks, gay marriage could get by on some sort of equal protection argument, the type that allows interracial marriages. And I don't really care if polygamists get married, though I do think it is unlikely. But the point remains that there is no Polygamist Gene.
Evan goes on to worry about the homophobic backlash the gay marriages will create, and worries that it was pushed on the legislatures too soon. I worry about this too. This issue is so new that I can understand why older people dn't want laws passed about it. There were basically no openly gay people when my father was born. Yet when I see loving couples getting married, it's hard to begrudge them their happiness. Luckily I live in Soviet Canuckistan where everyone loves each other, so gay marriage could pass without armed revolt. But American courts should have waited for the bigots to die before legalizing gay marriage.

They be ridin my jock so close they catch crabs 

My man Jedd recently moved to Australia, and he wrote me today asking (nay, begging) for more posts. What I'm trying to say is, I actually do have readers! I'll fulfill his wish in a proplerly blog-whorish fashion, by linking to his great post about betting on crabs in Australian bars. The prize, unsurprisingly, is free grog.

The Problem With Hillel 

The Jewish advocacy club of my school has decided to attempt to lure Muslim UBC students away from their religion by sponsoring a talk by Irsahd Manji, who wrote abook called The Problem With Islam. Hopefully, this talk is the first in a series; next they'll bring in the writers of What's So Good About Buddhism, Anyways? and The A-to-Z guide of Zoroastrianism's Flaws. From what I gather of Manji's message, she attacks Islam as being anti-feminist, and critiques the human rights records of the Muslim regimes. She also favorably compares Israel's record on the treatment of women to the other Middle Eastern regimes. Fair enough; Israel does generally treat its female citizens better than the Arab countries do. The only exception is if the females happen to be Arab and born on the Eastern side of the Green Line, in which case Israel treats them like shit.
While I don't really care if Manji speaks, it is incredibly tacky for a Jewish student group to sponsor a talk bashing another religion. The Jewish Student group is just going around yelling "Our God's dick is bigger than your God's dick". If a Muslim Students' group brought in a speaker who wrote a book named The Problem With Judaism, Hillel would probably jail him for hate speech.
What makes this thing just stupid is that UBC has no real pro-Palestinian movement. Hillel is just being needlessly confrontational.

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